A fact about “The Crucible” is that it is a play made by Arthur Miller. While reading and learning about “The Crucible” i felt that it shows an example of false confessions and . A new idea that i learned while reading the crucible was that most people falsely confessed to save their own lives because if they are being threatened to confess for doing something they didn’t do they would have to lie and say they did what they did to save their life. A decision i will make based on my reading and understanding of “The Crucible” is that if i'm ever in a situation to confess to doing something i didn’t do i would not falsely confess.

October Reflection
This year reaching my academic goals has been difficult and I haven't  reached it yet. I am not reading that many books anymore, but I at least read more than 3 times a month. I am very quiet and shy in class so I rarely participate.  Some strengths I have in this class are i'm good at paying attention and completing my classwork. Some weaknesses that I have in this class are i'm bad at participating in activities and i struggle on most assignments. How i feel as a writer i feel like i'm not that good and i struggle a lot with writing. Its challenging for me to participate and present in this class because i'm a very shy and quiet person. Its easy for me to listen to directions and get the work done. I want to work on understanding our assignments because most of the time i don't and i get a bad grade.

Quick write: Freedom + Conflict
Conflict and freedom connect to one another